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What's This Podcast All About:


You'll be hearing from people who have started from nothing or been through hard times, overcome obstacles in business and in life, endured loss & grief, made big decisions, changed things dramatically, but who have come out the other side, largely happy and whole.


My first criteria for all guests is their ability to tell a good story, humbly, with huge amounts of humour and wise insights.


I'll be delving deep into what makes my guests tick, where they came from, what made them take the decisions they did, which crossroads they ended up on, which directions they chose and why, where they ended up.

Who Is Nicola Cairncross?

Author | Speaker | Podcaster | Proud Ma | Digital Marketer | Bitcoin Educator | Texas Hold'em Champ

Nicola Cairncross is a digital marketing veteran, learning her skills while marketing her first book & coaching programme 'The Money Gym'.  In 2011 she launched her digital marketing agency Clicks & Leads, helping extraordinary entrepreneurs, authors & experts launch and grow their digital businesses and communities.  Mad about Greece she can often be found there, swimming, working, reading and hanging out with the locals.